– Acts · Spirit led Mission –

Sermons for May 7 through July 16 2017

(Sundays 10am unless otherwise stated)

Date Sermon Reading
7th May Philip and the Ethiopian Acts 8:1-8, 26-40
14th May Sauls’s Conversion Acts 9:1-22, 26-31
21st May
The Lord’s Supper
Peter visits Cornelius Acts 10
28th May Ascension Acts 1:1-11
4th June Pentecost Acts 2:1-13
11th June The Church at Antioch Acts 11:19-30, 12:25-13:1-3 & 14:26-28
18th June
The Lord’s Supper
Our Link Missionaries;
the Parnell Family, visiting from Nepal – Called to Mission
Acts 13
25th June Paul in Macedonia Acts 16:16-34
2nd July Paul in Athens Acts 17
9th July Gospel Impact at Ephesus Acts 19:1-20
16th July
The Lord’s Supper
Paul in Rome Acts 27:14b-31