Pastoral Team

Pastoral care in the local church aims to provide the conditions within which individuals are able to receive support and encouragement in the circumstances of daily life and in their growth and witness as Christians.

Pastoral care therefore helps people in time of need and encourages and challenges every Christian in their walk with God and their witness in the community. There are two key words to describe this: support and nurture. Pastoral care tackles not only perceived ‘problems’ but the agenda of growth and witness for every Christian – as well as the communal health of the church fellowship.

It may be undertaken corporately, such as by a fellowship group, informally by a fellow member and friend or representatively by a pastor or other designated representative of the church.

At WBBC we have a pastoral care team who work with the pastor and others:

John Harness
Carol Hodgkinson
Joan Lamb
Richard Ling
Barbara Neep
Janet Sherwood
John Sherwood
Hazel Turney