Mission Work

BMS World Mission

This is our major world mission focus as a Church. The biggest part of our mission giving is divided between BMS (which is mainly working with churches and Christians overseas) and Baptist Home Mission which works in the UK.

Through BMS we have a special link with Becky and Dan Parnell who are serving in Nepal at the Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC):

Dan and Becky are both secondary school teachers. In January 2008, they travelled to Nepal to teach at Kathmandu International Study Centre where Dan is presently also the school director. In September 2013, they completed a year in the UK for Dan to pursue further studies but have now returned to KISC. – They have a son, Samuel and a daughter, Miriam. Their home church is Toxteth Tabernacle Baptist Church, Liverpool.
Dan and Becky also have a blog: danbeckytravels.blogspot.com

More information about Baptist World Mission is available on their website at www.bmsworldmission.org

Fair Trade

Fair Trade is of major concern. We use fairly traded tea and coffee in our refreshment breaks.

Home Mission

WBBC also supports Baptist Home Mission which provides support for churches and projects in the UK, as well as  our national resources and regional associations.

Other Interests

The church also supports the work of The Friary with regular collections of food and clothing.  More information can be found on their website here.

Many members have a particular interest in various mission organisations or individuals serving overseas. This interest is encouraged and information shared from time to time.