Lent and Easter 2013

Services in Lent

During Lent we will exploring the theme “Who is the Holy Spirit?”  with a sermon series on Sundays.

Holy Week

31st March – Easter Day

8am Easter Morning Breakfast

10am Worship Service:

The Power of God

This service will include baptisms and communion

Fellowship groups

At the same time the fellowship groups will be looking at the question in more depth each week, following the theme of the previous Sunday.  The series will be launched with a gathering on Ash Wednesday (13th February) at 7.30pm at Church.   If you are already part of a group please come along to that.  If you are not already in a fellowship group and would like to join in with this series please come along to the Ash Wednesday gathering and speak to Chris Ellis, the pastor.

Bible Readings

Bible Readings for personal Study are available here.

Quiet Morning Thursday 21st March

There will be a Quiet Morning at church in preparation for Easter.  All are welcome – please contact the Church Office for further details and to book.