Lent 2013 Personal Readings

Here is an invitation to discover more about the Holy Spirit and an invitation to open your life to the Spirit’s working – both in you and through you. Here is an invitation to meet God in scripture, prayer and fellowship, as together we read the Bible and respond to God’s love in each aspect of our lives.


This personal handbook has been especially written for Lent 2013. It can stand on its own and be used by anyone as a guide to bible reading with questions for refection and some simple prayers. But it also fits with the themes for Sunday worship at WBBC and the themes which will be followed in the various fellowship groups during Lent.


If you would like to discuss further anything arising out of your use of this material then please contact our pastor Chris Ellis through the church office (0115 981 0690) at home (0115 9234313) or by e mail: chris.ellis@wb-bc.org.uk

Click here to download the PDF version of the booklet:  Lent 2013 Personal Bible Readings

©Christopher J Ellis 2013