Building Project


In the refurbishment of  our main church building we have gained a first class worship area for Sunday services  and a first class facility for local community use. The key word is ‘welcome’.


  • through better access
  • through greater comfort
  • through better heating
  • through  a more contemporary ethos
  • through more flexible uses
  • through a new entrance and greater integration between church and halls

To achieve this we have:

  • removed the pews,
  • leveled the floor,
  • provided new, flexible and comfortable seating,
  • installed a new efficient heating system,
  • installed automatic doors for better access,
  • increased the size of the stage
  • decorated and provided a new worship focus

Latest Photos

New comfy, flexible seating
The new automatic door for improved access between worship area and our suite of halls
We are followers of Jesus Christ – this new, rugged cross provides a visual focus for our worship