Being WBBC

We are a local community of Christians who gather regularly for worship and who seek to witness to Jesus Christ.

With other Christians we believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, revealed to us uniquely in Jesus Christ. While we do not usually recite a creed in worship, we affirm with other Christians the truths of  the Apostle’s Creed.

We believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour and seek to follow him in our daily lives and as a community of his disciples. We express this commitment by being baptised and by belonging to a local church.

We believe that God gives us the Holy Spirit to help us to live and pray faithfully and to witness to the good news of forgiveness, reconciliation and new life offered to all people in Jesus Christ.

We believe it’s important for Christians to gather with other Christians in a local church for worship and for mutual encouragement and support in the challenges of being a follower of Jesus. The purposes of each local church are:

  • worship – focusing on God and God’s will for the world and ourselves
  • mission outreach – sharing our faith with others and inviting people to follow Jesus Christ
  • fellowship – supporting one another in love, friendship and prayer
  • discipleship – encouraging growth in Christian maturity and faithfulness
  • service – sharing in the life and witness of the church through the use of our God-given gifts

Worship is the central gathering of our community where we centre our lives on God and support one another in love and friendship. If you would like to learn more then please follow the link: our worship style

As a church we are members of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the East Midland Baptist Association, the Evangelical Alliance and Churches Together in West Bridgford. For these and other links go to our: LINKS page

If you would like to learn more about what makes Baptist Christians distinctive or would like to know more about the wider Baptist community then please follow the link: