Internet Safari

Hyper links are a great feature of the internet – when some text is highlighted or underlined, clicking on it takes you to some more information about what you’re reading, or to a connected web page.  If you’re a regular web surfer it’s easy to find yourself going on a web safari…you click on a link, start reading, click on another link and sometime later you wonder why you’re reading a article about the tribal ceremonies of the ancient Celts, or looking at pictures of dachshunds dressed as hot dogs!!  Particularly when all you wanted was bus times to Broad Marsh.

One of the uses of hyperlinks I’ve been a bit excited about has been to create links to the bible passages on our Service page.  If you click on the Services page, you will find information about our services, including a note of the bible passages the speaker will be referring to.  If you click on the link you will be taken to and the specific passage.   You might want to do this before the service so you can spend some time thinking about what the verses might mean, what questions you have about them, how they might connect with your life.  The sermon might then give some answers and insights, as well as inspiration and encouragement.

Biblegateway is a really useful site with lots of different versions of the bible to compare, and it has passage look-up and word search -this means that if you can half remember a bible verse you can find the reference here by entering the words you know.  It’s also available as an App for tablets, so you can have access to the bible wherever there’s the internet.  There’s no pictures of dachshunds though…

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  1. Ann says:

    To all of you who helped organise it, Thanks for a lovely Christmas party last Saturday. Lovely food, lovely company, very enjoyable

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