A Giant Step for a Woman!

Ann Baillon is a member of West Bridgford Baptist Church and a year ago she took a momentous step – here’s her story:

Confused? well I’ll say I was! Is there a God, isn’t there a God? I really had no idea. Well that was until I visited a church in Tile Hill, Coventry for my great niece’s Christening. I was absolutely convinced that when the vicar gave his sermon he was speaking to me from God.

I suppose in a way, if I’m being honest I found it a little unnerving. The thing is that although this was to have such a huge Impact on my life, I really can’t recall what he said, all I do know is that it stirred something inside me which made me want to know more.

A short while this after I was driving past West Bridgford Baptist Church and noticed an advert for an Alpha course, I rang Chris, had a brief chat and thought “Why not give this a go?”  So off I went not really knowing what, if anything, I would get from the course.

I was made to feel very welcome at Alpha, we were even fed a fabulous 3 course meal every week, cooked, I have to add by Ann Thomas & co, all that we were asked to contribute was a donation!

Although I had many questions I  was never made to feel ‘silly’ about anything I asked and I was always given an answer. I made new friends here and eventually it was suggested by Chris that I ought to ‘give them a try on a Sunday’. I did this for about 18 months but my visits were very hit and miss, then I stopped for some unknown reason, although someone who is now an exceptionally good friend, Anna, never lost contact with me and every time a new notice sheet was printed, she would send me one through the post, or give me the odd call to let me know of any other news. Had she not have done this who knows where I would be today.

I was so sure that in Anna doing this it was a sign from God. Eventually I went back to church, but still met Anna outside as I dared not venture in on my own yet! What I was scared of I have no idea, but that’s how it was.

Going back was the best thing I have ever done! My faith grew stronger, my life became more full and without doubt I was a happier, more contented person, I had God in my life!

I decided after a while to be baptised but backed out at the last minute. I think there were two reasons really, I didn’t think I was good enough for Baptism, but also I was petrified of giving my testimony! (I’m not very good at speaking in front of a crowd.)

I was finally Baptised on Oct 14th 2012, my husband, daughter, her husband and my friend were in the congregation and although I didn’t manage to give  a long testimony,  I did say a few lines which were meant from my heart.

I have now joined a fellowship group and really feel part of the church.  I have found so many new friends . I have another family!

Another fantastic thing to come out of all of this is that my daughter, over time, has now got a strong belief that she has God with her.

Finally I just want to say, after many years of wandering, I have God in my life & life is good!

What more could I ask for……

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